Thursday, 7 May 2009

Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting

Hello everyone!

I love collecting don't you!

Maybe you haven't started a special collection yet. Maybe you want to join the wonderful community of collectors but are a bit nervous about it all. I know I was!

This blog is going to help you through those difficult first years of collecting. We will do this together!

Anybody can collect. I remember talking to Mrs Hounslow next door about this. I had gone round to try and persuade her to reconsider converting her television from analogue to digital (she says she can't afford it but I know she will miss Alan Titchmarsh when they turn the analogue off! {Anyway that is all solved now because I bought her a digital box for her eightieth [which was last Wednesday!]}) Anyway while I was there {the first time not to give her the birthday present} we got talking about collecting. "It's all right for you Clive" she said "you can get out the house" I thought about this and then came up with a solution. Now Mrs Hounslow has a collection! She collects the leaflets for take-away restaurants that get posted through her door. Now she laughs every time I see her "I've got a new Chinese one" she'll say, or "I love this collection Clive, thank you, and it's funny because I can't eat that foreign stuff because of my gastric tummy" You will have to forgive her mild racism I'm afraid. She is of a different generation.

So you see! Anyone can collect! Even my racist next door neighbour!

Don't worry about the cost. Collecting can be free! I once had a leaf collection. I would stick the leaves to paper with a prit-stick onto paper and then keep them all in a rather natty yellow ring binder! To add a little spice to the collection {no not cinnamon silly!} I would only collect leaves that I had seen being blown by the wind in a North-Easterly direction. I lost count of the many happy hours I sat watching the weather reports at night with my cocoa hoping the Atlantic would send us some gales! That collection really helped me through my divorce, which was otherwise quite a sad and troubling time. Unfortunately when my wife came to pick up her clothes with her friend Michael the leaf collection went missing. Maybe she liked that collection more than she let on and took it with her! Or maybe Michael collected leaves too!

Tempted to start collecting?

Come on.

Collect with me.

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  1. Hello Clive,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You certainly seem keen on collecting! It's good to have a hobby - helps add a little more interest to life.
    Though I haven't collected any leaves (as you suggested I should) I do have a large collection of rocks and fossils. Well, mostly rocks. I have a habit of picking up small rocks when I go to different places, as geology is an interest of mine. Most of my rocks are up on a high shelf at home - I suppose I should arrange or present them a bit better? Perhaps you could give me some ideas.

    Happy collecting,