Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hullo again collectors!

Today I'm going to talk about space!

No silly not outer space. Ha Ha. You can't collect planets! Though I sometimes wish you could don't you? When I was twelve I had a dream that I walked from my house to the patch of waste ground at the end of the road. In the sky were nine planets. They were not real but a projection on the sky. Projected from a space-ship bringing a message of peace and friendship from our neighbours beyond the stars. I sometimes wonder if it wasn't a dream. If it happened and everyone but me forgot. Sometimes when I am alone I wonder about that.

But space for collecting is what we are talking about today!

Since my wife moved into her friend Michael's house so she could 'have time to think' four years ago I have been lucky enough to have a collecting room. I converted the spare bedroom into a collecting room!

I have four filing cabinets, two sets of drawers, a tallboy and shelves everywhere! It is a bit of a squeeze! Mrs Hounslow thinks that they will crash through the ceiling but then she thinks that Feliks and Cecylia, the nice Polish couple who moved across the road, are stealing her milk! This is despite the fact that Mrs Hounslow hasn't had milk delivered to her house for twelve years and I fetch her two litres milk from the co-op every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

I must admit that my motives for fetching her milk are not entirely unselfish. You would be surprised at how often the design or packaging of the plastic milk bottles change. Yes. You have guessed it! I have quite the collection of two litre milk bottles! At the moment I keep them in the shed with my trowel collection as they are too bulky for the collecting room. I am a bit wary of them being stolen by other collectors (especially the earlier examples and the bottles with special Christmas packaging {I do keep my very favourite of these [which features a very jolly cow in a Santa suit!] in the collecting room} but what can I do?)

A garage is a good space for collecting too! But any room can hold a collection!

Think about where you could keep your collection!

And collect with me!

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