Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fabulous Holiday!!!!


My how I have missed you all!

I have had a wonderful holiday! A collecting holiday!

I walked between all the tourist information offices in and around Greater Manchester collecting leaflets, but, and here is the fun part, only those that were concerning places within two miles of the actual tourist information office I was standing in at the time! I must say got many an enquiring glance as I consulted my map in the offices, checking which leaflets were collectable.

What a fun time I had! The only downside I suppose was that as the holiday went on the amount of leaflets I collected got quite substantial (I collected 498!) and as I had to carry them all I ended up having to sacrifice other things like my Calor gas stove and my flask and my torch for the good of the collecting cause. But it was all for the best I think in the end because I have another great collection.

Sometimes you have to choose between collecting and other things. How often collecting wins though! I feel sorry for people who don't collect. When my wife went to stay with her friend Michael for a little while I was glad I was a collector. Those four years have flown by. And when she comes back eventually (like a good collection{you cannot rush these things[except a collection of rushes ha ha]}) But no matter what happens in your life you can always...

Collect with me!

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